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how can we help?

how can we help?

Returns Highlights

15 Days Policy

We accept free returns/exchanges upto 15 days from the date of order. Returning or exchanging items which are as good as new is cool. Returning or exchanging used or worn clothes is really uncool.

Free Shipping & Returns

We do not charge you for reverse delivery of ordered items. All the costs of returns are on us, we just need your help to ensure the garments come back as good as new.

FAQ's for Returns/Exchanges

For a more detailed list of questions – Pls click here

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Mail us at with subject line:
Return Order Number - #XXXX (mention your order number)
or Exchange Order Number – #XXXX (mention your order number).

Please include - Order Number, Registered Email ID,
Product Name & Pick Up Address.We will respond with a Return Authentication Number (RAN).

Step 2

Your delivery box includes a Returns/Exchange Card with
Address Details on one side. Please fill in your pick-up address on the right side under
“From” section along with RAN & Order Number; now paste the card on the box with the address side facing upwards.

Step 3

Repack all the items in original condition in the box and seal it.

Step 4

You will receive an acknowledgement mail from our Team arranging
for reverse pick-up.

Step 5

We will initiate the refund to your existing Bank Account once the
package has been received and verified. If it’s a case of exchange,
Our Team will notify you of the New Order being dispatched for delivery.

Please Note - the time of reversal for your payment is 2-3
days from the day refund payment is initiated.