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how can we help?

how can we help?

Returns Highlights

7 Days Policy

We accept return/exchange requests up to 7 days from the date of order delivery. 

Free Exchange & Returns

All the costs of returns and exchange are on us except during periods of sale or incase of bulk orders (greater than 2 tees in a box). The user will be charged both forward and reverse shipping costs for cases stated above.  

FAQ's for Returns/Exchanges

For a more detailed list of questions – Pls click here

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Mail us at help@somethng.com with subject line:
Return Order Number - #XXXX (mention your order number)
or Exchange Order Number – #XXXX (mention your order number).

Please include - Order Number, Registered Email ID,
Product Name & Pick Up Address.We will respond with a Return Authentication Number (RAN).

Step 2

Repack all the items in original condition in the box and seal it.

Step 3

You will receive an acknowledgement mail from Our Team arranging
for reverse pick-up.

Step 4

We will initiate the refund to your existing Bank Account once the
package has been received and verified. If it’s a case of exchange,
Our Team will notify you of the New Order being dispatched for delivery.

Please Note - the time of reversal for your payment is 2-3
days from the day refund payment is initiated.