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Our Story

It all started with a question....

Why don’t the most popular clothing brands make high-quality apparel? We didn’t have an answer. In fact, instead of an answer, we ran into more questions: Why is a product meant to last year’s fades off in just a few weeks? Why are niche apparel brands that make good clothing so expensive? As we delved deeper into this world of clothing, we found injustices, absurdities, and some startling facts along the way that inspired us to create a company that we are proud to stand behind.

And so, somethng was born.

We started with research. We talked to hundreds of men and women to determine why do they buy clothing from big brands knowing they sell poor quality fabrics at exorbitant prices, what do they expect from their daily wear clothing? Working with trusted factories we sourced the best cotton in the world to start with our first batch of clothing, we created everyday wear that’s so much more comfortable and soft yet priced honestly. Products that will last years, even decades to come. We also call it the philosophy of – Wear Better, Wear Longer.

But we’re not stopping there. We are committed not only to lift up your wardrobes but also to lift up the future generations by doing business ethically. We work with the best of factories who value every step of the process and treat people and nature well.

World’s best clothing for him, you and her!

Vishal and Uday – Founders