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Our Story

Somethng was born out of ambition, honesty and an intensity to be an agent of change.

The core team brings together more than 20 years of experience across start-ups. The fundamental question we asked ourselves everyday was, now what? Are we destined to be a bolt in the machine or do we have the courage to make a change. A change that not only makes us better off but also gives back to the people and planet. We firmly believe that our gut and intuition should be the guiding light pointing us in a direction that will help us find our “somethng”.

Driven and determined, we kept exploring and coincidentally came across a lot of material on how the apparel industry is changing globally in light of sustainability, fashion trends, environmental effects, transparency, factory working conditions, heavy mark-ups and we knew we had found our mojo. An opportunity to make better products priced honestly. An opportunity to be ethical, transparent and make a commoditized product like apparel interesting again. An opportunity above all to delight you, the consumer who always has and will deserve more.

We are inspired by entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Phil Knight. They have shown the world why anything is possible and how elements of design and innovation can make our people and planet better off.

Somethng exists to make better products in a better way. It demands a lot of patience and hard work but every sweat is worth it. We take pride in saying, we make the world’s best apparel products and pass them on to you at extremely fair prices.

We stand for simplicity, focus, innovation, honesty and transparency. This is visible not only in our culture but also our brand and products. We are here to make luxury essentials more accessible.

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