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Why did we start somethng?

by Uday

Before we answer that, the more interesting question upfront is – why did we name it “somethng”? Well the answer is a bit deep rooted and so is our reason for starting up in this business.

When you begin to use more heart than brain, when you begin to question your core reason of existence, when you want to be an agent of change, you know its time you figure out your “something”. At chai or coffee with your buddies, at late night parties or on a soulful mountain trek, if the only thing you utter to yourself deep in at all times is that I wanna do “something”, you have set out on a path. You begin to find something that really matters, something which people really care about, something that’s close to our hearts and possibly of those who we can impact. It is like a moment of resurrection and claiming your life back. That happened to us too, and we set out on our path to find our very own “somethng”, that's where the name came from.

So now on to the next and final question? What do we do at somethng?

Well simply put - we make high quality apparel and retail it to end consumers (you) at shockingly fair prices. A quick dope on the current scenario of apparel industry will do some good.

The fashion world has moved to cheaper is better philosophy, as much as some garments lasting only a few washes. The reason is a no-brainer, quantity over quality and repeat purchase at the cost of harm to environment. Every garment produced consumes resources, which makes the apparel industry the second most polluting industry in the world (we bet you didn’t know that). Only if every garment could be made better – better fabrics, better dye, it would not only last long but also pay back the nature. Complicated supply chains further add to the cost structures which in turn are added to the ultimate price paid by the consumer (no surprises here, that’s you).

A Direct-to-consumer (D2C) business model allows a young startup like ours to make high quality apparel using better fabrics and factories and retail these to you at a mark-up as low as 2x making everyone better off. Coupled with some serious scale, the ultimate benefits to the end consumer are immense. For instance, we use supima cotton and sell these at the price of regular cotton that too when we are at minimal scale. The compound effect of scale will only improve the pricing outcome. Beat this – our Pique Polo tee is a product not made by any brand in India, yes that’s true. We are sure you just got baffled, what with all the high headed brands making zillions of garments, why on earth do they not use supima? If at all they do then why is it so expensive?

The more you delve, more complicated it gets. Hufff, not an easy one to explain. To bring you back to the basics, we are attempting to solve that problem for you by making clothes that last years, even decades to come. You may also refer to it as the concept of Modern Basics made from Premium Natural Fabrics and sold at extremely Honest Prices. We are just getting started, we have just scratched the tip of an ice-berg. We have more clothing to make, more barriers to break. Trying to change the world for good in whatever small way we can.

The question now is – are you going to join our band-wagon too? We shall wait for your answer.