Everything Flat 199 | Limited Time Offer

Everyday wear you deserve.

Let’s face it - for years, you’ve settled for less. Inferior quality, steep prices, and worst of all, discomfort. And it’s time you stopped. At somethng, we heard you and started making t-shirts a year ago. The motto was simple - to create the softest, comfiest tees with the best fabrics possible. Thousands of t-shirts and happy customers later, we’re still unwavered on our promise. We perfected the tee, now we’re doing more - creating the best clothing for you and your pocket. Meet somethng - the everyday wear you deserve. Go on, try us out - you won’t disagree.

As Good As It Gets

We’ve sourced top quality fabrics from all over the world to make high quality clothing. It’s nothing but the best.

It's Worth Every Penny

They say you can’t put a price to comfort. But, we have. And your pocket and wardrobe will both be grateful.

Our Tees Last

Wear us out - at work, at play, at the gym or even just at home. We’ve got your back, literally and otherwise.